We're Here to help!

Our Mission

We're here for you! We're a non-profit organization providing property insurance consumers with the necessary information, resources, and tools to understand and to deal with the insurance claim process, recovering from a disaster, and what's needed  in order to recover in their personal lives, their communities, and of course, their family's home and all that involves. And... there is no funding accepted from insurance companies or agencies.


PR has evolved since Hurricane Hugo in 1989, plus more than 20 other Federal and State-declared disasters across the US. For many years, it's been helpful workshops that teach disaster survivors the "ins and outs" of property policies, the claim process, and claim preparation, negotiation techniques, dealing with the "Under-Insurance" issues and "low-ball" offers mislabeled as "settlements", and all other kinds of property insurance problems. Being shown what policyholders don't know that they don't know is critical. So is helping them to become better educated, and showing them how to obtain the tools they need to help themselves to resolve their property claim, and make the decisions inherent with serious property claims. Property insurance claims are a maze... overwhelming, confusing, and uncertain territory for almost everyone. That's why "We're here for you!" during this very stressful and unpleasant time.


Through these years, this help has resulted in guiding property insureds to their successful recovery of over $100 million dollars above policy limits, from very reluctant insurers. Tthese disasters include the: Oakland/Berkeley, Cerro Grande, & Aspen Firestorms, Northridge Earthquake, Hurricanes Hugo, Opal, George, Andrew, Fran, Ike, and many others.


PR's executive director, Peter Romero, lost his personal home in a single home fire on November 10th, 1984. There was not one support organization or charity that came to his family's assistance. But their insurer was there, doing their very best to control, confuse, mislead, underpay, and take advantage of the situation in every way possible. Having property insurance was just the beginning... getting their insurers to pay for those losses has always been a huge, and sometimes seemingly impossible, hurdle to overcome. Delay, demoralize, and if possible to deny claim payments has always seemed to be the insurers' goal. And they work diligently to accomplish any and all of these that are possible.


So after this experience, and after having renegotiated the settlement from almost nothing to $60,000, then $150,000, and finally settling for $333,000+, it became natural for Peter to share these experiences and the knowledge gained, with others similarly unfortunate. And so his odyssey began, from metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Miami and Houston to small mountain communities such as Los Alamos, NM and Mount Lemmon, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, from Coast to Coast. 


With the Northridge Earthquake, Hurricanes Hugo-Opal-Andrew-George, and other Federally-declared and numbered disasters, hundreds of thousands of policyholders have needed direction, support, and education to overcome a playing field that is absolutely not level. Insurance agents (captive, independent, and even brokers), independent adjusters (rented), and claim representatives (employees) never represent policyholders. They only can legally represent insurance companies... each and every time. And "friendly" does not mean "friend". Try to remember the old phrase:  "Caveat Emptor" ("let the buyer beware") when it comes to buying property insurance. Every replacment cost policy differs from almost every other replacement cost policy, in many ways. And "replacement cost" to almost all insurers means that they have the opportunity to diligently attempt to only pay "depreciated" ("actual cash value") to their customer... the policyholder in a property claim. And if at all possible, that's exactly what they and all of their resources work to do... pay the depreciated (used value-"ACV") instead of the replacement cost today...which is what their policy promises. Don't forget that the Spanish word for advertising is... "propoganda"!


Peter has met, and shared his knowledge and experiences with, thousands of disaster survivors... empowering them to succeed over the powerful and orchestrated efforts of their insurance companies, from California to Puerto Rico, for over 26 years. His efforts and help changed the outcomes and the lives of these homeowners, HOA's, and business owners.