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Weekly Informational Meetings

Channel 13 KRDO recently covered one of Policyholders Recovery's Weekly Informational Meetings.


"Pete Romero, Executive Director of Policy Holders Recovery, specializes in these types of disasters.  He has led 13 meetings so far for Colorado Springs homeowners."


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Insurance Companies Deny or Minimize Payment

"Denied, Under-Paid, Unsettled, Under-Insured Property Claim?     Need Your Claim Re-Opened?  Are Your Coverages Too Low?      Just Found Out Your Coverages Were Changed?     

Often, You Face the Fight of Your Life AFTER a Disaster...

This Can Be Your 2nd Disaster... Fighting To Be Paid Properly"  


The company wants you to give up and just walk away, take their "settlement" which is a "low ball offer" or accepting that you're "under-insured", leaving a lot of your $'s on their table, and leaving you quite short, or sometimes even... unpaid.


Do you really believe that without a lot of your money & WITH ONLY THEIR "settlement"

(low offer), that it's actually enough for you to replace the Home or Business that you've lost, plus all of your hard-eaned and paid-for Contents or Inventory?


If it's not enough coverage... didn't their Agent assure you that it would be? Were you paid the cost to put you back the way you were... before this loss? If not... WHY NOT?


Recovering from a catastrophe is a tremendously stressful and unstable time in your life. Truth is, most people get delayed so much that they become worn down, demoralized and just give up. Then, they just accept being denied or simply take their insurance company's "settlement" (low offer), and then move on... feeling significantly shorted and defeated.


Forest Fire

Forest Fire


If you doubt that their insurance company is interested in keeping your money, consider this…


  • To the insurance company, your claim pay-out comes right out of their profits.
  • They state that you "Under-Insured" your Business or Home.  Did you really ask their Agent to only insure 50% or 60% of your property... and intentionally leave yourself financially responsible for all the rest?
  • "Under-Insured", Under-Paid, Delayed, and Denied Claims Make Insurance Executives INCREDIBLY RICH.  Don't Let What You Are Owed Become Part Of Some Insurance Executive's Bonus!
  • Denied claims may well be reversed, with the proper professional handling!
  • There are many “Grey Areas” in an insurance policy; and any "settlement" offered is probably at the lowest amount of an insurance adjuster’s range.

It's NOT Your Fault.


You are no doubt learning that you are NOT in a position of power when trying to recover from their Insurance Company, through their hired, trained, and very experienced personnel.


Here’s what you’re up against:

  • Can you really become a Claim Professional overnight, to compete with their Claim Professionals
  • What you say commits you, but what their Rep or Adjuster says is without authority
  • Are you an expert in coverage interpretatins, policy language and definitions
  • Would someone else, suddenly in a very stressful situation, really become as competent as you in your profession, overnight
  • How do you actually know just what the true dollar value is of all that you are supposed to be covered for
  • You've almost certainly never had to prepare a detailed and proper Structure, Contents or Business Interruption valuation
  • You've most likely never learned and/or really understood just how to prepare and present your claims in their required format
  • Do you know what you don't know
  • Can you personally determine from your own experience that you've been fully paid
  • The process is made complicated, on purpose, by the insurance company in order to  delay, over-stress, intimidate, postpone, and if at all possible to deny proper payment for your claims
  • But their insurance company personnel have negotiated and made "settlements" on 1000's and 1000's of property claims
  • Their insurance company will use their immense financial power to confuse, maybe even to intimidate or pressure you... more so if you're stressed our, older, or infirm